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Snowy paths in Wakefield

I’m not RED, I’m RWIWT

Run every day? There has been a massive uptake of the Run Every Day in January challenge this year. I think it is very commendable that...

Richard Lord - smile it makes you run faster!

Let’s go round again!

“How far is this marathon you are doing?” Marathons aren’t the kind of run that many people would consider enjoyable. The feeling afterwards is though definitely!...


Can you run too many races?

Race day is fun! When you get started entering races and taking part in mass-participation events, you get a thrill and a buzz from being part...


Respect the distance

Respect the distance One thing I have learnt over the last few years running is that you need to respect the distance you are running. Too...

PB - Personal Best

PB King! Runners love PB’s.

You will find that as you start to do more running and start to see developments in your progress, you start keeping track of how long...