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Here is the entire list of all my articles that I have written going back over the years. I thought it would be useful to have them all in a list chronologically for ease of finding older articles.

Hope you enjoy looking back through them. I cringe at some of the earlier articles and am pleased that my writing style has developed and improved over the years thankfully!

  • 2019 – 25 articles (163 in total)
  • 2018 – 49 articles (138 in total)
  • 2017 – 22 articles (89 in total)
  • 2016 – 33 articles (67 in total)
  • 2015 – 14 articles (34 in total)
  • 2014 – 19 articles (20 in total)
  • 2013 – 1 article

2019 (25 articles)

Making ourselves available for others People

The cauldron of schadenfreude for abusive supporters Sport

Hope – a small word but a powerful one Inspiration and Motivation

Lead people to grow, don’t drive them away! Business

Why do you take selfies with friends? Inspiration and Motivation – Personal – Video

How can we help those who are not ok Inspiration and Motivation

You’re the best person at being you Inspiration and Motivation – Video

Create your scrapbook of awesome memories Inspiration and Motivation

The Postcode Challenge and Do Your Own Thing! Inspiration and Motivation – Running – Video

Finding your niche Inspiration and Motivation – Personal

An Independent Group?  Politics

Authenticity and an opportunity for change – a career audit. Business – Inspiration and Motivation – Personal

Watch my YouTube channel – it’s all about FAIRIES?!  Personal – Video

Be the strength for yourself and let others give you strength too.  Health

If you want to be an action man, you need to have an action plan!  Personal – Video

You don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Inspiration and Motivation

Don’t let friendships go – a challenge to contact your contacts.  Personal – Video

Brexit and the big mess the country is in.  Politics – Video

New Year’s Resolutions going well?  Inspiration and Motivation – Video

10,000 steps? One step at a time!  Inspiration and Motivation – Video

How authentic is your business email sign-off?  Technology

Be you this month!  Inspiration and Motivation

Junk food leads to junk running times.  Running – Video

I’m not RED, I’m RWIWT.  Running

Are you in the ‘New Year, New You’ group or the ‘I’m alright as I am’ group?  Inspiration and Motivation

2018 (49 articles)

2018 Running Achievements  Personal

Let’s go round again!  Personal – Running

It’s ok to… while running.  Running – Video

My Christmas Message  Personal – Video

My Intro YouTube Video  Personal – Video

What to do if you can’t win no matter what.  Politics

Ask how not if – a lesson for us all  Inspiration and Motivation

Why I write and support for creativity  Personal

Food guilt and the lasting feelings  Personal

Be like the duck, not the goose!  Inspiration and Motivation

Ten things you should never need to apologise for  People

Worrying – useful or useless?  Health

Don’t delay, start defining!  Inspiration and Motivation

Thankfulness and the irony of Black Friday  Business

I want to send a message but which channel should I choose?  Technology

Be pleased for others without jealousy.  People

The comeback marathon  Personal

Do you contact your contacts?  People

Phone notifications and quality of life  Technology

Something doesn’t add up here Business

Go your own speed  Inspiration and Motivation

Be pleased for others instead of being the green eyed monster  People

10 things I have learnt from marathon training this year  Running

Let the thinkers do the thinking  Politics

Personal change and Organisational change Business

When other people are enjoying themselves  People

Yeah, are you?  People

Do you know your ‘friends’?  People

Eat pasta! Eat pasta! It will help you run faster!  Poem

Are you the same size as a clothes model? Business

A lot of Tweets or a bit of a Twit?  Personal

Draws in football matches or penalty shoot outs?  Sport

Letting drivers in a junctions can cause a domino effect of positivity  People

Was I wasting my time or building who I would become today?  Personal

Are protest marches effective?  Politics

Greater things to come for the England football team  Sport

In the office it is warmer than usual  Business

The NHS at 70 years old  Health

What I learnt from ‘resetting’ my social media approach  Technology

One more marathon!  Personal

Facebook – it’s you, not me!  Technology

Four years of blogging  Personal

Are you allowed to have religious or personal beliefs as a politician?  Politics

A good manager vs a bad manager  Business

Identity is more than a job title  People

Facebook’s timeline is becoming like a regional newspaper  Technology

Glasshoughton railway station in the snow  Photography

The direction of travel for tech companies is not good for you or I  Technology

I’m too busy to deal with this!  Business

2017 (22 articles)

2017 Running Achievements  Personal

Follow Richard Lord Online on Twitter  Personal

Can you fall out of ‘being a runner’?  Running

Buy my ebook ‘How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner’  Running

Look up  People

Race number 86 / half marathon number 20  Personal

Wrongly crediting inconsiderate people with sufficient intelligence  People

Turn off your email notifications today!  Technology

We want it cheap or preferably for free  Business

We are all different, even in the way we treat people  People

Charisma is based on how quick-witted you are  People

Personal emails are on the decline due to being swamped by marketing emails  Business

How A Fat Sweaty Santa Became A Marathon Runner  Running

Substance doesn’t matter  People

I dreamed a dream Inspiration and Motivation

In the public interest?  Politics

The Facebook timeline that is not in a line of time  Technology

I don’t have to follow rules  People

The A to Z of being a good egg!  Inspiration and Motivation

Possibilities, speculation and over generalisation  People

We should swap January with February  People

Five tips that will help you in 2017  Inspiration and Motivation

2016 (33 articles)

2016 Running Achievements  Personal

My 100 parkrun events  Personal

The Office Christmas Party  Business

A homage to fromage  Poem

Good news story: 89 year old gets a job to relieve bordeom  People

Feeling disconnected from the Westminster bubble  Politics

I feel so popular on Black Friday  Business

I’m going running in the rain  Poem

An unpleasant era of taking swipes at large sections of nations  Politics

World Toilet Day!  Health

New article on the Run Leeds website  Running

Buy my ebook today!  Personal

It’s good to share – help spread the happiness  Technology

Wayne Rooney – England Appearances Record  Sport

Staying safe online  Technology

Get it right, not just alright – your customers deserve it  Business

Time to beat this battle of the bulge  Personal

Cyclists and drivers filmed in road rage incidents  People

Incoming Commuter Zombies at UK train stations  People

Are we becoming less tolerant of other people’s views?  Politics

The beautiful game, or a beautiful shame?  Sport

In, Out, Shake It All About – The Referendum  Politics

If you want change, you have to change  Inspiration and Motivation

Can you run too many races?  Running

Be A Winner in Winter 2016 Review  Running

Article published in Run ABC North magazine  Personal

Spreading happiness not clicks  Technology

Self scan machines in supermarkets  Business

NRC Nike Running Club Stratford  Running

Respect the distance  Running

When all the big shops close for a day  Business

Today is Friday, and also Try Day  Inspiration and Motivation

I don’t want to go running in the cold  Running

2015 (14 articles)

2015 Running Achievements  Personal

PB King! Runners love PBs  Running

Taking all enjoyment out of supporting a team  Sport

20 tips for a better life  Inspiration and Motivation

Man Up  People

Electronic cigarettes  Health

Government step in to look after our health  Health

Stop, collaborate and listen!  Running

Are race medals worth the effort?  Running

Five tips for running by Rich Lord and Mo Farah  Running

When your plan goes wrong  Running

Why supporting at races is good for you  Running

Turning 40  Personal

Four Nation Half Marathon Challenge  Personal

2014 (19 articles)

2014 Running Achievements  Personal

Missing a target can mean achieving a whole lot more…  Running

What the 2014 Yorkshire Marathon meant to me  Personal

Confidence, Contradictions and Clarity  Running

Looking from the bottom of the valley to the tops of the hills  Running

Some days it just don’t happen  Running

All roads lead to York Running

Knowing when to listen and who to listen to  Running

What is your pre-race ritual the night before a race?  Running

Oh no! I’ve lost my running mojo!  Running

Good running weather?  Running

June 4th – Happy Running Day!  Running

Have you had an avoidable running injury / mishap and how could you have avoided it?  Running

Garmin Connect v Nike+ v Strava or another. What’s your preference for tracking runs and why?  Running

Does getting a PB for a shorter distance count if done as part of a longer run?  Running

Update your fairytale  People

Did you walk at all on your first ever run?  Running

First run and your furthest run?  Running

How much on a first pair of running shoes?  Running

2013 (1 article)

2013 Running Achievements  Running