Project Management

I am a qualified Project Manager, though am currently working in a Business Support Manager role. I completed and passed my Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner courses in 2015 and also have Agile qualifications too – Applied Scrum for Project Management, which I undertook in 2019, among others.

Wolverhampton Doctors On Call

I started off in Project Management when I worked for Wolverhampton Doctors On Call where I was the IT Manager / Project Manager between 2004 and 2010. I was responsible for all new changes to the organisation which included taking part in the Technical Links programme where we connected our computer systems with West Midlands Ambulance Service, NHS Direct and other local Out of Hours GP services.

This enabled us to be able to transfer patient consultation details live across our systems to enable a smoother transition for the patient if they had to move from one healthcare provider to another. For example, a patient may have rang up NHS Direct who would have advised that a GP or Nurse Consultation would ring them back for a telephone consultation.

Their initial triage notes would then be transferred from NHS Direct through to Wolverhampton Doctors On Call. I was involved in all the discussions on workflows and testing the systems prior to go live, along with delivering the training to our call handlers and controllers.

I project managed a move from one health centre to a new building. Part of this was to negotiate our requirements for rooms and facilities with the local commissioners and to also project manage the communication and logistics of the move. We were able to cease our overnight operation at 9am one morning in one building and start up again same day at 6pm in the new building seamlessly.

I managed the service performance monitoring processes and the production of the performance statistics so we could meet the national quality standard guidelines and saw an overall improvement in all of our service metrics and KPIs. I would regularly present our performance figures and exception reporting to the local commissioners on a monthly basis and this would highlight areas of improvement opportunity and show where efficiencies and improvements had already been identified and implemented.

NHS Digital

When I moved north, I worked for NHS Digital, (formerly known as NHS Information Centre, and then Health and Social Care Information Centre). In my role here, I performed a number of roles that had project management aspects to them, even if like now I was working as a Business Support Manager.

I have worked as a Product Owner and Scrum Master in some assignments and have benefited from the variety of assignments that I have been involved with in my nearly eight years in the organisation.

I managed projects where I allocated career managers to 500 members of the organisation’s Business and Operational Delivery profession. This meant working with effectively a 500-piece human jigsaw with all kinds of different needs and preferences. I delivered this project well and was praised for my effectiveness at managing upwards as well as getting the job done.

To do this involved collating user needs, requirements gathering, liaison and negotiation, documenting specifications, resolving queries, data cleansing, creating functionality and implementing the final product.

Working as effectively an Agile Project Manager for the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) I carried out the roles of Product Owner / Scrum Master on behalf of the Delivery Manager. I coordinated all data extractions keeping them to schedule by leading the team through agile sprints and seeking updates from daily stand-ups with the analysts / developers and keeping the team Kanban whiteboards updated. I managed the contracts process with suppliers and communicated with stakeholders to ensure that progress was being made at pace.

As part of the team that designed the specifications for the GPES system, I provided input into the user interface and how the system needed to operate. This system went on to carry out the first ever automated extraction of GP practice data which led to payments being calculated then and since then for the 7800 practices across the country.