I like to work with other people to try and promote their business, charity, brand or cause. That is if I believe in it myself!

I believe that if you can authentically say you recommend an item or a company or can do something to try to try and promote what they are trying to achieve it enhances you and them.

Social recommendations nowadays are important and knowing that someone you are friends with likes this brand or supports this cause does go some way to validate and promote them in a way that a billboard or magazine advert can’t do so much.

Making the most of our own skills and social circles is key now to helping support causes close to us. We can’t help to progress a cause if we don’t tell people about what they do.


I am proud to live in Pontefract, a small market town in West Yorkshire. I am proud to support a number of community groups and businesses in this area. I think that a community in its core needs people to do something, to say something, to inform and to promote what it is doing.

I will be featuring on this page which groups, businesses and organisations I am working with and supporting.

Watch this space!

Interested in working with me?

If you are interested in working with me as a brand ambassador, or micro-influencer, or as a representative – please do get in touch here.